Security seals for police applications

For re-sealing trucks after an inspection. For the secure transport of confiscated goods. For specific use at airports or to seal rooms at crime scenes: Security seals can be used for numerous applications and ensure that any attempt at tampering becomes visible. 

The job of a security seal

A security seal serves as an indicator that identifies attempted tampering or unauthorised access during the transport of goods. Thanks to special features, security seals indicate whether a locking mechanism has already been opened and reveal any unauthorised interference with the security seal.

The risk of theft and fraudulent activity increases according the value of goods transported. This in turn leads to higher requirements in terms of seal security, which plays a decisive role depending on the type of application and the industry in which the seal is used.

As a Swiss family business and a globally active manufacturer, Unisto AG has been putting its experience in the implementation of unique security seals to good use for 90 years. Unisto AG produces security seals that are tailored to the needs and characteristics of each application and industry, including use by police forces. Some Unisto security seals have been certified by Swiss and Hungarian Customs according to specific security requirements and are in use as the approved seals for sealing freight containers in cross-border transport.

Security seals for trucks, freight containers and shipping containers           

When goods are transported by truck or freight container, the vehicles are sealed before the journey. The seal ensures the visibility of any attempted tampering or theft of the transported goods.

In road traffic truck inspections, police have to re-seal previously sealed vehicles after they have been inspected. Unisto Indicator and Unisto Twinfix are superbly suited to this application. These two, fixed-length seals are used for sealing trucks, as they can’t break during transport: the loop does not lie close to the lock and can therefore easily compensate for vibrations of the vehicle. Unisto Indicator features a unique double-locking mechanism. The seal is easy to close and the indicator tip at the end of the band shows if the seal has been correctly closed. Unisto Twinfix is also available with removal aids for the easy removal of the seal without any additional equipment. Both security seals are available in a range of colours and can be personalised with the name of the police force / station.

Security seals for the transport of confiscated goods

To transport confiscated goods to the specialised service providers, various plastic seals are used, which differ depending on the type of container involved. Often, reusable containers, such as boxes, cardboard drums, or bags are used. Unisto has a comprehensive range of plug seals for each type of box, which can be affixed and removed very quickly.

At certain police forces, cardboard drums are used for the transport of confiscated goods. This special type of drum is secured with a clip. To ensure that the drum is not opened, or goods stolen, the police department have to seal the clip. In such cases, Unisto Siris and Unisto Comstar are often used. 

Unisto Comstar’s thin ribbon fits through small eyelets and slits and is perfect for using with clips. A completely new technology is used in the production of this pull-through seal, which has no weak points for possible tampering attempts. This is why Unisto Comstar is used in industries where security is a high priority, such as in police applications. In Unisto Siris a cross-shaped ribbon profile has been developed for increased security. The optional extra of a peelable label speeds up processes, as it can be used for fast, fault-free management and archiving of goods.

Security seals for rooms and buildings

Securing buildings with crime scenes against access is a challenge for the police. Rooms are often sealed using labels that are easily circumvented because they show no obvious signs of having been breached. These labels are usually conventional adhesive tapes and do not ensure tamper-proof sealing. Unisto security labels are suitable for all applications that cannot be sealed with plastic or metal security seals. As soon as the label is detached or tampered with, a “VOID”- notification appears. The warning message evidences tampering attempts and, depending on the design, is available without residue or with adhesive residues as proof of unauthorised opening. 

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