Our new reusable electronic security seal: Unisto e-Guard

Unisto e-Guard has been specifically developed as a security solution for the transport and shipping industry in order to prevent loss of goods from trucks, containers and trailers. Thanks to its sophisticated technology you have strict control on your shipments. 

How it works

Despite its high technology features, the advanced LED display and software, Unisto e-Guard is a very user friendly electronic security seal, consenting to quick visualise if a manipulation attempt or an opportunistic theft has taken place.

When you close Unisto e-Guard, the device generates a unique number which can be entered in the freight documents. A new unique number is generated each time the transport has to stop for additional loading or off loading. Once the truck reaches the destination, if the Unisto e-Guard’s display shows the same number as on the freight documents, it is certain that the cargo doors, trailer or container have not been opened during transit.

The ease of use of this electronic seal allows you to accelerate your processes and to have a strict control on your shipments. 

Reusable, cost effective 

Produced in our Swiss production plant and developed in collaboration with CaptureTech Corporation BV, our partner for advanced software systems, Unisto e-Guard is the perfect solution to replace your traditional security seals.

Reusable and cost effective: these electronic security seals are permanently affixed to each truck door, eliminating the need (and costs) to continuously buy, store, and distribute seals throughout the supply chain. Moreover the battery can be changed by the user himself, avoiding any additional external costs.

Please find details about the safe and environmentally sustainable disposal of our reusable, electronic security seal on the Unisto e-Guard leaflet. 

Additional features: resistant to every weather condition                             

Do not be deceived by the compact size of Unisto e-Guard!

The special designed metal cradle protects the electronic security seal from water, dust, salt, dirt and oil. The solid construction has been specifically designed to withstand severe temperature fluctuations and to be used in extreme weather circumstances.

Please contact our team to get further information about Unisto e-Guard and our security seals.  

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