New sustainable solution for the transport industry: Unisto Unilock eco!

Fixed-length security seals are a very common solution for sealing truck doors, trailers, railway wagons and containers.
For these applications, one of the most used fixed- length seals is Unisto Unilock. Thanks to its ingenious locking mechanism with a clearly visible breaking point outside of the housing, this security seal prevents unauthorized opening during the transport and makes any manipulation attempt visible.

Unisto Unilock is now available with a new, sustainable design. We are proud to present to you our new solution, Unisto Unilock eco!

The new product reflects our commitment to sustainability. Thanks to the new design we have reduced the amount of plastic needed to produce it. We calculate that on the production of 5 million Unisto Unilock eco (instead of Unisto Unilock), 3.5 tonnes of plastic are saved!

Moreover Unisto Unilock eco is packed in smaller boxes and needs less space to be transported. 
By comparing the mats of Unisto Unilock (red seal) and Unisto Unilock eco (white seal), the difference is immediately visible. There are now 10 security seals in the space of seven, saving 5 cm per mat and without compromising the mechanical characteristics of the security seal!

The product improvements with the sustainable design contribute to lower the CO2 emissions generated by the transport of our seals, reduce the use of plastic and thus the impact of our practices on the environment.

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